Norma Isiordia

Lifetime Memories

“Looking Forward to Working with You”

About Me


My passion for photographing the beauty around me is what keeps me going.  There are few activities in my present life that keep me as enthusiastic and full of energy as photography.  Ever since I was little, I dreamt of taking pictures.  I would pretend my hands were holding a camera and cropping images, and the sound of the camera click in my head transported me to another world where dreams can become reality.  I have huge dreams and great expectations in life.  Through my journey, I have encountered huge obstacles, but I know I can overcome them successfully.  Every day, my journey takes me closer to that success!





Before your big day; we schedule a meeting with you to provide you with a list of items to prepare for that day.  It is important that you make time to avoid last minute details.  We care as much as you do and will make all the effort to satisfy your expectations.



Los Angeles, California